3 Ways Your Pup Can Enjoy AppleLove

If you have questions about how your pup can start receiving AppleLove benefits, you’re not alone! We get a lot of questions about how it’s served (is it mixed? By itself?), so we’re here to break down three ways your best friend can enjoy ANY of our blends. Made with no added flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors, you can be sure AppleLove is made with nothing but the best ingredients. 



It’s that simple! The easiest way to serve AppleLove is to peel back the lid and let your pup eat straight from the cup. Because it’s extra important to incorporate fruits & vegetables into your dog’s diet, give it as a special treat after a long, busy day! Read our blog on The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Digestion in Dogs here. 



What dog DOESN’T love ice or frozen treats? Such as “pup cups” or any other kind of drive-thru treat that your furry friend obsesses over, throw their favorite blend in the freezer for a special, HEALTHY alternative to getting that frozen fix. Especially in the summer, make sure you bring one along before you hit the park or after a hot day in the sun! They'll get the nutrition they need to play the whole day while cooling off the natural way :) Shop blends here.



KIBBLE TOPPER! The exceptional flavor is a great way for them to enjoy EVERY meal while adding wholesome ingredients throughout the day.

ProTip: When transitioning their food, try our Transition Blend - it’s perfect for prepping your dogs' digestive system for a change in food or to just give them the all-natural boost they need to support common digestive issues. 




Along with the ways you can serve AppleLove, there are so many benefits that come along with adding it into their routine. From antioxidant support to aiding in digestive health, there’s something for every need. Want to start incorporating AppleLove into your dog’s diet? Contact info@applelovepet.com for more information or visit https://applelovepet.com/ today.